Welcome to Tampa Bay Fisheries

Tampa Bay Fisheries (TBF) is the nation’s leading value-added seafood company. We leverage a heritage of expertise in seafood sourcing, product-processing technologies, and world-class customer service to provide quality and cost-effective products to grow your business.

Tampa Bay Fisheries, Seafood Sourcing and Processing

Who We Are

Renown for our experience, know-how, and processing capabilities in shrimp – our core business, we apply our processing expertise to a wide variety of fish and seafood. What makes us unique? Our scope of capabilities within the seafood industry and depth of expertise are unmatched. The management team at TBF represents nearly two centuries of seafood experience, comprised of knowledgeable experts from every facet of the business. With two production facilities and over 350,000 square feet of processing and cold storage in the Tampa area, our end-to-end processing capabilities range from shrimp-peeling and hand-breading to sophisticated value-added seafood items, using cut portions, marinades, stuffing, and much more.

Crisp Coconut Fantail Shrimp with Mango Marmalade

What We Do

"At Tampa Bay Fisheries (TBF), we’d like to think that we’re known by the companies we keep.”

In an industry where the only constant is change, we are proud of the long-term relationships we have built. We leverage a unique combination of technical competencies and processing capabilities to provide the nation’s Premier Restaurant Operators–quick service, casual, mid-scale, fine dining–with a variety of foods tailored to meet the needs of their menus and operating environments. Whether it is a new and compelling menu item or the preservation of a brand treasure, TBF is there to develop, commercialize, and produce, exact to specification.

Seafood Stuffed Clams

How We Deliver

Our core competencies range from hand-breading, delivering back-of-the-house quality and menu messaging points, to high volume, mechanized processing, delivering consistency and robust performance in the simplest of kitchen environments. Our broad range of core competencies allows us to fully support our customers, virtually all of the Major Food Service Distributors in the US, today.


In US Retail, Tampa Bay Fisheries is one of the leading processors and distributors of value-added fresh and frozen foods. In addition to our own retail brands, we proudly pack Private Label for our retail partners, as well as other national brands as a co-pack partner, in which are sold throughout the United States and available in both grocery and club channels. Let us bring your concepts to shelf with the support from our R&D, Marketing, Procurement, and Logistics team to deliver excellence and quality, nationwide.